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Emily Victoria

Emily Victoria

Emily Victoria - Emily took her first yoga classes over 13 years ago in a spare room at the law firm she was working for at the time. After spending over a decade as a corporate lawyer, Emily found herself becoming increasingly interested in yoga, meditation and well-being as a way of maintaining balance in her life.

Over the years, she tried a number of different yoga styles and it was during some very demanding years working in London that she really began to experience yoga's profound effects - physically, mentally and energetically.

That a form of physical exercise could have such a holistic effect on her made her curious to learn more. That is when she found Yogi Ashokananda's Himalayan Hatha Yoga. Since 2015 Emily has trained extensively with Yogi, completing over 700 hours of teacher training in hatha yoga, prana kriya yoga and meditation in both London and India. 

From her experiences as both a lawyer and yoga teacher, Emily realised that she has a lot to offer people leading busy modern lives. Now a full-time yogi, Emily is passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga and meditation that she experiences and has a keen ability to weave these together to allow her students to feel their profound effects. Emily is inspired to share what she has learned with others and to encourage them to grow and to learn. 

Emily invites you to try her practice and says - "Whatever your story is, whatever your experiences have been in life, if something makes you feel better, why not just give it a go? Experience it for yourself and just let life happen for an hour."