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Kwok Ying Chan

Kwok Ying Chan

Kwok went to her first yoga class back in 2001 and it wasn't long before she noticed the subtle and positive benefits, an antidote with working and living in a busy city. 

Moving around London and devoting more time to yoga, she wanted to share her love of this ancient art by delving deeper, developing her own practice and pass on her experience to teach others. 

After exploring the many different styles of yoga, it was connection in a Himalayan Hatha yoga class she resonated with, she decided she complete her teacher training in this discipline, in London 2017, with the Yogi Ashokananda Yoga School. 

Kwok believes yoga is for everyone, no matter when they bring yoga into their lives or the level of experience they have.  'Yoga helps us manage with the challenges of daily modern life but more importantly, it helps us to understand ourselves a little better. I enjoy helping students create and experience the space within themselves and to find their own centre. It is a simple joy and a wonderful gift you will give to yourself. It is an honour and pleasure to teach what I love.'  

With gratitude, and ever the eternal student, Kwok continues to train with Yogi Ashokananda and gives thanks to her teachers, past and present,  for their knowledge, love and patience.