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Live Online Classes

Live Online Classes

Live Online Classes via Zoom

We are delighted to begin rolling out Live Online Classes with Yogi Ashokananda via Zoom.

Step-by-step instructions to register and take part in the Live Online Classes can be found following the calendar.



Instructions to Join Live Online Classes with Yogi Ashokananda

1.     In order to receive the link for your Online Zoom class please make sure you Register for the Class, from the Live Online Calendar above.  Click om the Class in the calendar above where you want to participate and then click on Today's Class Link Here to register.  You need to do this for every class you want to participate.

2.     You will be able to find all Live Online classes in the Live Online Calendar above.

3.     Register for the Class from the link within the calendar entry.  You must select the DATE for the class you are registering in the date drop down menu.

4.     Students can purchase Live Online class passes:

Introductory Offer         No Fees for participants duirng the current period

5.     A payment link will be provided at time of class registration, if payment required.

6.     Download the Zoom application software onto your device from You require a free account with Zoom to participate in our LIve Online classes.

7.     You will receive the class confirmation email with unique Zoom link for the class once you regerist.

Email will be sent from Yogi Ashokananda

Email Title will be "Live Online Class Name with Yogi Ashokananda Confirmation"

The Link to the class you have registered and the password for the class will be included in this email.

8.     Join the Zoom meeting no earlier than 10 minutes before the class start time. You can paste the Zoom class link (URL) from the email described above into your web browser or by clicking "Join a Meeting" on the app.

9.     You will be placed into the Waiting Room, until the Class is opened up.

10.  You will enter the meeting with your microphone on mute.  We will mute all remote microphones during the class. 

11.  Microphones will be unmuted at the end of the class.

12.  You will have the ability to send a zoom chat during the session if you need help with the instructions or technology.

13.  You are welcome to hide your own video but we recommend you keep it on so Yogi can provide specific verbal assistance. 

If any issues registering or logging in, please contact