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Ayurveda Introduction - Self Development

Ayurveda Introduction - Self Development

Ayurveda introduction - Self Development 100 hours offered by Yogiville Gurukul.

Course Prospectus is under development for 2021/22 Courses and will soon be available.  Please submit your course interest here and we will notify you once our prospectus & scheulde for 2021/22 are finalised.

The 100 hour Self Development Course is delivered by Yogiville Gurukul's Senior Teachers and are designed for students in self development with the potential to complete further Ayurveda development or certification courses.

Gain a fundamental understanding of Ayurveda as the health-care component of the yoga tradition. Learn how yoga and Ayurveda can guide you toward balance through daily health regimens and lifestyle recommendations based on Ayurvedic constitutional principles. Learn Ayurveda philosophy, the three gunas, the three doshas, constitutional examination, digestion, spices for digestion and elimination, Ayurvedic daily routines, and self-healing with the four paths of yoga. Food preparation in our outdoor kitchen features during the daily sessions, providing you with the confidence to prepare practical meals for your unique needs or current health challenges.  

Topics we explore during the course:

  • Approach food as medicine, balancing, nourishing, and  preventative to common modern ailments

  • The physiology of digestion: Maximise the three stages of digestion, absorption and elimination

  • Dosha theory: How to recognize imbalanced bio-energies (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) rebalance them through food to avoid related diseases in body and mind

  • Understand food through Rasa (taste), Virya (biological potency), Vipaka (post-digestive effect) and Prabhava (special therapeutic characteristics that go beyond the biological properties of a substance)

  • Learn to listen, respect, and communicate with your own body. Support it, and it shall support you

  • The Chaunce: A basic procedure and traditional spice selection in an Ayurvedic curry

  • How to prepare balanced meals, including safe carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats.Essential herbs and their therapeutic Ayurvedic application in the kitchen

  • The importance of cooking with respect and love

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Please submit your interest in the specific course here and we will notify you once our prospectus & scheulde for 2021/22 are finalised.

Application Form for the Self Development Course

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