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In Studio Classes

In Studio Classes

 In Studio Classes 

Participate In Studio classes with Yogi Ashokananda and others.

Go when possible to where Yogi is, Yogiville UK, Yogiville Croatia or Yogiville India.  Location in calendar.

Step-by-step instructions to register and take part in the In Studio follow the calendar.

As a person undertaking classes, In Studio, it is imperative that you accept responsibility for your health. 

You must accept the HEALTH DISCLAIMER before participating in any LIVE class.  

A valid Class Pass is required for all classes, you can find more details about the different class passes based on your requirements here.


Instructions to Join IN Studio Classes with Yogi Ashokananda

1.   You need to Register for the class you want to take In Studio, Capacity varies based on location.
2.   Regiser for the In studio class here.  You will be notified via whatsapp or email if class is at full capcity.  
3.  You must have the correct class pass to participate In studio before coming to class.
4.  Confirm which studio is accepting classes, In Studio Locations: 
Yogiville UK  (map)
454 Honeypot Lane
London HA7 1JW
Yogiville Croatia (map)
9 Begovac Plascanski, Vezmari
47306 Saborsko 
Yogiville India (map)
583/5 Maduravaniyam Road
Paliapattu 606704
Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu