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Science of Relaxation (SOR)

Science of Relaxation (SOR)

“Without engaging the vehicle, you cannot make any journey.” Yogi Ashokananda

The Science of Relaxation active meditation is called such as its ultimate aim is to bring about the ability of the individual to truly relax. This meditation holds the essence of treasured secrets of ancient techniques combined with Yogi Ashokananda’s expertise, skill and inspired spirit allowing you to experience its sacred essence in a simple and accessible way.  

 “Negative and positive emotions are both part of your energy and experience” 

 Samskaras are the remaining impressions left on your soul from experiences which form your personality. They are the unused emotions that get left in the body and hold your energy which may make you feel lethargic, stressed, anxious and can develop into long term chronic dis-ease. 

The Science of Relaxation active and transformational meditation gives you the ability to experience true relaxation as the samskaras are released. During the practice, attention is on grounding through the root and second chakras bridging the division between the higher and the very human self, healing any split between spiritual self and material personality. You can explore your full naked personality and see all of yourself clearly in the mirror of your awareness. 

The result is felt on every level – on a physical level, this meditation is one of the best antidotes for depression, stress and insomnia. It is good for balancing blood pressure, for heart problems and positively affects the nervous system. The cardio vascular exercise also takes you to a state of meditation and tranquillity. On an emotional and spiritual level, you will experience renewal and transformation.