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Atma Kriya Meditation

Atma Kriya Meditation

“An ecstatic and all peaceful state of being can be experienced” Yogi Ashokananda

Yogi Ashokananda’s Atma Kriya Meditation holds the same transformative qualities as Prana Kriya Yoga. As a meditation it draws the energy inwards and an ecstatic and all peaceful state of being can be experienced. It moves the prana (life force) through the body into your higher consciousness by using the breath, gentle concentration of the mind and subtle awareness of the process. In kriya meditation you offer up your energy to your higher self. 

Atma meditation means meditation of Self or of your soul. It will bring the power of the universe into you aligning your individual self with that of the universe and make you realise the centre of your individual reality. By experiencing this space you will create a multitude of benefits and positive developments in your life. Because you are aligning with universal energy and truth, your individual reality will alter as will your perception of your life, allowing real changes to take place. 

Atma meditation will renew your energy, heighten intelligence by awakening and altering your perceptions, help you to have greater self awareness, feel a connection to yourself, to others and to a source greater than you. Each and every one of us is entitled to feel greater inner peace, love, joy and fulfilment, happiness, freedom and success and this meditation will allow you to have access to the source within YOU from which these experiences can develop and make them a natural part of your life and who you are.  It will help you to feel a connection to the energy of the universe.

This meditation is one of the best remedies for improving concentration and memory as it fine tunes the mind. It also affects your nervous system, which feeds your organs and renews you from the inside out. It is highly effective for erasing depression, anxiety and stress giving you greater self awareness and self respect.