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Yogiville Gurukul

Yogiville Gurukul

The Yogiville Gurukul is a centre for excellence in higher learning for yoga, meditation and spiritual philosophy.

The fundamental aspects of Yogiville Gurukul are of upholding the ancient, original, authentic principles of yoga and meditation as both an art and science.  Founded in 2003, by Yogi Ashokananda, the founder and master of the diisciplines taught in the school.  

Currently, more than 500 students from 25 countries spanning 6 continents have participated in our training programs. 

Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Ayurveda, Chanting are the cornerstones of the Yogiville Gurukul with teachers who have developed specific disciplines or who have personally transformed through the study, practice and teaching and are committed to a yoga lifestyle.

In collaboraiton with Yogiville Gurukul our primary objective is to create longevity, support, and continuity for the Schools’ disciplines. Students participate in our programs to generate awareness, transformation through self-development, to deepen experiences within & across disciplines and may also aspire to teach.

Yogiville Gurukul is certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK as a Trainer Pro and by Yogiville Gurukul,