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Meditation & Mindfulness - 100 hours Foundation Course

Meditation & Mindfulness - 100 hours Foundation Course

Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training, 100 hours Foundation Course


February - April 2019

Over 4 weekends / 8 Days

Location: Yogiville, 454 Honeypot Lane, Stanmore, London HA7 1JW

Our 100 hour Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Training Foundation course can be taken purely to deepen and support your own practice of meditation and is also a pre-requisite before embarking on Yogi’s more specific and specialist forms of meditation training which take place as separate courses in and of themselves, such as The Science of Relaxation meditation and Rising Sap Meditation. Yogi Ahsokananda has spent many years practising and experiencing some of the most effective and simple techniques which have their roots in older Indian traditions. 

The 100 hours is constructed over four weekends totalling 72 hours. As well as the weekend attendance, there will be assignments, practice, case studies and teaching to complete outside of the weekend dates with friends and students. Training to be a meditation teacher can complement your own practice of meditation and is a wonderful skill to learn to share with others. We will cover areas such as chakras, releasing samkaras, sound, chanting and mantras as well as traditional authentic Vedic knowledge brought to real life by yogi's expertise. There are many paths and meditation techniques.  By the end of the course you should be fully committed to your own regular practice of meditation and feel confident to teach it to others. 

You will have a rounded knowledge of meditation and an understanding of the subtler aspects of the body and mind, why it is important to focus on engaging the body in meditation and how to share your awareness and practice with others and teach them to meditate without pressure. 

All that is needed is a passion and interest in meditation and preferably your own meditation practice but this is not essential.  

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Carries 100 CPD points