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Andrew Pollack

Andrew Pollack

I have been practising Himalayan Hatha yoga with Yogi Ashokananda since 2005. 

In January 2013 I began the journey to be a yoga instructor under Yogi Ashokanandas' guidence. I completed a 200 hour training course combining both theory and practice in July 2013.

I run a weekly yoga class for the residents and associates in The Goldsmiths' Centre London on Mondays 5-30 till 6-30pm, this class was originally set up as part of my training and is still going strong.

I teach at Bushey Country Club Saturday lunchtime 12 till 1-30 and Wednesday evenings 8 till 9-15. both classes are available to members and non members.

When i am not teaching yoga i am at my workshop making jewellery. I have been a jeweller since i left school at 17 and this is the reason i took up yoga, sitting all day hunched over my bench had given me a stiff/sore back, plus the everyday pressure of getting jewellery out on time (The customer is flying out/getting married/ birthday tomorrow) was becoming very stressful. After trying other forms of exercise i found yoga, my aching back soon became a thing of the past, and working to strict deadlines a lot less stressful . That is why i introduced a class in my work building, to show my colleges the benefits both physically and mentally of yoga, teaching your body and mind to deal with stress on the mat and taking that ability in to the workplace or everyday life.

I am available for private classes gym classes or i can set up a class in your work place. If you would like to know more please feel free to call or email me.

Andrew Pollack

The Goldsmith's Centre

42 Britton Street



Tel: 0207 430 2723

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